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AT THE DACHA What are other people in the picture?Where are they?Why do you think so?What does each character?What is watering grandfather?Why do people watered trees and flowers?Why girl watering dressed doll?Maybe she wants a doll rose?That girl can talk doll?FAVORITE PHOTO To get the photo album.Choose those that you see yourself.Races say who you photographed?When was it?Where?What you had mood?Why?ALL ITEMS A close look at the picture and give details of her story, and also about all the details that are additionally allocated under the picture.

If the game

It is important to achieve the combination of entertainment, emotional, and games with uvlekatelnoe lessons with his developmental effect.If the game does not require assistance or training an adult, then who the possibility of the child is much wider than the classes that you have to provide.There is nothing wrong with that child play the game, that it is easy and pleasant, but for development ment need games that require mental and volitional efforts they provide the joy of discovery and overcome.H e l o s t and t o h h o n a b l e d I t e and g R o th R e b e n K a and x h a l and p a R t e d on .

To tell, what

DANGEROUS TREK Where is the film?What a house is visible behind the boy?How many of the animals can get in the tent?Why did the boy so frightened?Why he's holding a snake behind?What a boy messed up a serpent?How the boy was in the woods?MORENCI HOUSE Imagine that you travelled and once was this beautiful little to Micke.To tell, what did you see around.To explain in detail where each house is object left, right, behind the house, in front of the house, close to home, far from home.

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More simply deputy to tit problems with attention at the child, than at itself.For this reason it is so important to define your strong and weaknesses.If you nach not that work on projects and tasks, knowing that at you with the child is identical problems, will find ways to cope with it together and with humour.When you analyse own organizational skills, you, perhaps, will find out that from a certain point of view it is possible to find useful coincidence between you and the child.At you can be the strength supplementing weakness of the child.

Year and months

year and months goals years years years years years years years and on every the following years to years I revaccination against the WPPT criteria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio I revaccination against polio Revaccination against measles, red hee, mumps I revaccination against diphtheria, tetanus I revaccination against polio Revaccination against tuberculosis I revaccination against diphtheria Vaccination three times against viral hepatitis In previously not grafted Revaccination progni tuberculosis Revaccination against diphtheria, tetanus DTP, OPV oral polio HAC the CIN or IPV OF Combined the MMR vaccine or mono vaccines against measles, mumps, rubella The BPA adsorbed diphtheria post nachna vaccine OPV BCG HELL M adsorbed diphtheria, VCCI on the weakened HBV BCG THE BPA M AD M Please note!


Male, Zoe, Zlata.Display all pictures on the Application .With each of them!about children deals with sounds .For example Zoya noticed at the fence of the goat and called my friend Zlatev.STEP THREE FIXATION OF THE SOUND IN POEMS AND STORIES Securing the pronunciation of sound stories in chistogovorki, free Sizzling sounds Clearly, highlighting the sound , say chistogovorki to times.Then repeat them in Rho NML adult start per, and you the end here's a fun goat.GOAT EGOZA For for for, here's a fun goat.


Biology growth + cutting off = skills At the birth the brain of the child weighs about grams.By the end teenage age this figure reaches already nearly grams.The increase is explained by several changes.First, in a brain quickly the quantity of nervous cages increases.They have to soob to shchatsya when the child thinks, feels or works.Therefore unless the communications axons and dendrites allowing to transfer and receive are howled information from other nervous cages.Incredibly stremit their growth flax in infancy and the first few years of life.

She often

Yosha it is pleasant to share knowledge with others, it halflearning et pleasure from the role of the expert and praises of adults.But it not mind et to stop.She often corrects others or disagrees from them words, trying to dominate in conversation.Houses it becomes bases ache the reason of the conflicts between it and her two younger sisters.Those per her parents began to notice that Yosha's desire to know everything frequent at drives to problems.The most close friends were already tired of its omniscience, it the behavior often leads to the conflicts in a class.


Organizational skills all bo To Lea are important for success in our difficult world.Therefore, if your child it is similar to Katee about whom we wrote at the beginning of the head, or simply shows sya scattered, it is worth being engaged in effective development of its organization these skills.Children can be disseminated through a miscellaneous.Who has Xing dry deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity SDVG, as well as at whom is difficulties with the organization, working memory and management of time, look so as if they got lost in time or in space, lose things and as a result work inefficiently.

So, for example, decomposing

Representation cannot affect directly motive nerves, especially, if it having appeared the leniye is not full and is not capable to cause the feeling exciting will.So, for example, decomposing the letter to sticks and to curves, we show to the child a badge, not having sense; therefore the badge does not interest him, and the pokazyvaniye cannot cause it spontaneous motive impulse.This artificial act caused effort of will, which quickly exhausted the child, as affected in his exhaustion and boredom.This effort became complicated still by effort to cause the association coordinating the movements necessary for a continence tools of the letter and management of it.

I cabbage Ambassador, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu. Book

On g of fish

Form cutlets, meatballs of cutlet weight, meatballs, zrazas and rolls.On g of fish fillet take g of white bread, g of water or milk, g salts.Meatballs from fish Fish g, onions ?piece, vegetable oil tablespoon, sauce tablespoons, egg pieces, salt to taste.To cut cutlet weight on thin flat cakes of an oval or large form, to moisten in the shakenup egg.To put the created cutlets on a frying pan, oiled to pour tablespoons of water, to put in an oven and to bake.When giving to water with tomato sauce.

The nature

Clouds of thick, often drops, rain Pushcha, the clouds on.In the river, splashing Murata, it is suckiny guys..FORMATION OF BASE AUDIO L Basic audio L distorted children most often, is complex and pronunciation is formed, as a rule, lengthy.The nature and amount of exercise in section THE FIRST STAGE SOUND WARMUP Perception of sound L at the beginning of words Look at the picture and listen carefully as an adult several times pronounces her name.If the image is named correctly, raise up your hand up, say it, If the image is named correctly, negatively rock to a head and say no This is a vamp?

Crude fish. Alcoholic


Give them names with sound RELATIONSHIP Kuzma, Zina.Display all images from Annex .Each of them write about de parts of the proposals, which will be a lot of sounds RELATIONSHIP.For example Zina and Kuzma took the mirror and wrapped it in newspaper, to not razbity.THE SECOND STAGE THE CONSOLIDATION OF A SOUND RELATIONSHIP IN SENTENCES Consolidation pronunciation sound RELATIONSHIP in funny chistogovorki, free Sizzling sounds Clearly, highlighting sound RELATIONSHIP, say every couple of chistogovorki.Pay attention tion that one of them humorous.

From year

I like to hug you!And now, take in hands the baby, swing and ska keep it the same tender and kind words.Give the child a toy and ask them to caress her.If the baby does not, however, tell yourself Oh, what a Ho nice Teddy bear!As the baby likes her Teddy bear!The game helps the child to grow up in kind, tender and caring.From year to eighteen months Show the goat!For a small child intonation has sometimes pain the neck important than the words themselves.When you read STI shock, he understands at first my mother was a cheerful voice, then became frightened and so on.

About prick

Decorate one mitten, suggest the child to remember a pattern and remove fi gura.Suggest the child to make the same pattern on memory.Complicate the back scientific research institute suggest the child to make the pattern symmetric to the this on memory.Suggest the child to connect mittens together that they were not lost.About prick a puncher in the bottom of each mitten an opening and ask the kid about to put in it a lace and to knot.Suggest the child to draw with paints or felttip pens beautiful couple mittens.


LEARN to compare What is the mind itself?The ability to notice similarities and differences, compliance and nesiote effects that have a different before meta.Helvetii From the book CM.Bondarenko Teach children to compare The comparison is the basis of all great inventions.According to Greek legend, saw invented trained by the famous master of Daedalus his nephew Tal.A sample he took the spine of the bony fish and che lusty snakes, lined with sharp teeth.It is known that parasutisti plants of the type of dandelion gave an idea about the creation of a parachute.

Adult only

The author of the method mutual story R.Gardner chital, the TRP tale history, story of a child is a projection and is a reflection of his life situations.In other words, the child himself will tell you, the TRP was bothering him and heme he mechtaet.Adult only attention sory to listen child, try to understand and Pomogi him to find a way to the optimum solution.only nettle Yes thorns.In this cave was inhabited by a family of exhaust gas not breathing dragons.Dragon father, Dragonica mother, senior Story of Sergey forests alternate with meadows and Golden there was a huge fields the enormous cave.

· Where the boy could

· Where the boy could take the flowers?· Where did he get these flowers?· Why the girl is not pleased presented with flowers?· What are the words a girl could explain to the boy, what he done wrong?· What will make the girl after a conversation with the boy?LITTLE HELPERS · What time of year is drawn in the picture?Why do you so think?· The boy hangs on a tree?· When and why people hang birdhouses?· Why the boy took a ladder?

In each

The rectangle which I use, is a surface of one of children's little tables, and game is in that they set the table.In each of Children's homes I have tiny lunch accessories, what it is possible to get in any toy shop plates, dishes, soup cups, saltcellars, glasses, bottles, small knives, forks and spoons, etc.I allow children to lay a table on six persons on two devices on each of the long parties and on one device on the short parties of a table.Children take the corresponding subjects and display them according to my instructions.


Strengthening of steady attention Twice in an evening parents can remind it of tasks Time in a week of the teacher will send the report on progress What encouragement will be applied as incentive to use skill working off?Positive responses of teachers Reduction of number of the conflicts to parents Progress increase Key to success Do not make any essential changes to the plan, the child not bu so far is put to achieve regularly success during one, and it is better two reporting periods – months.Quite often the plan yields fast results, and give rise whether with teachers think that the problem is already solved.

If you have

If you have a piano or a synthesizer, sit down to the tool, the kid at you on hands more precisely, on one hand or in an armchair near you.Press separate notes in the first octave.Sing them or actually the name of a note Before, Salt and so on.Pressing keys in other octaves, do not call to the kid a note not to confuse him.Can tell highpitched sound, a bottom or to play a cue onomatopoeias so the bear goes several times through a pause press low sounding note, representing steps, and so the bear cub jumps often press keys in the middle of the keyboard, and over them the birdie on a branch sings as if drawlingly take sounds of the WTO swarm the third octave.

One more way to help

And if it starts losing a spirit or there will be problems, both to spechta to it more powerful support.One more way to help the child to find confidence and to celebrate sya with a problem situation to suggest it to lose or proturnip to tirovat.Perhaps, the son wants to call the girlfriend and to invite her on appointment, but does not know how to make it.Give it the text and progames howl a situation until he does not feel that can pozvo thread.Perhaps, it is necessary to analyse some possible options of succession of events for example how to arrive if the girlfriend Chapter .

As a result

Economy of money which he receives on pocket races the courses or as a gift on birthday, it is given it especially it is heavy.As soon as it has means, he at once wants PART III.We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER to spend them.As a result it often has no money and he regularly asks parents to buy it that he wants, or to borrow means, so far it will not receive the money for pocket expenses.But to force it to give money it is almost impossible therefore parents entered policy what credits, except for special cases.They want, that the son on learned to follow the plan to achieve the objectives, even the shortterm.

If you want

If you sew details a zigzag, at a smetyvaniye insert both tips of a tape inside, and prostrachivy igrush ku, stitch in this place even more densely, that an eyelet not came off.If you sew from a wrong side and to turn out, not for be that an eyelet it is necessary to insert inside, and its tips a dale zhna to stick out in the same place, where allowances for seams.If you want to use a flypaper or buttons, put those twice also sew a wide color tape at the edges, and on top sew the second element of a fastener.Such Christmas tree decorations can be filled simply cotton wool, and the International Federation of Journalists but to make them more various to the touch.

The kid will

Beat on wall or paste to a bed back outside not pain shy purchased hooks for economic trifles or odezh dy.Show to the child how to hang up on them a ringlet.Let will try itself.The hook has to be not one better five seven as the kid will not be limited to one ringlet, and on one hook many ringlets will not be located.The kid will manage to put on not at once ringlets a string, and here to remove from it let will try.String on a rope some plastic ringlets of small diameter.Nach To Nita to remove them, and then offer the kid poprobo to vat.

Where hidden

Game develops cognitive skills, small mo Torik, memory, speech and thinking.Where hidden treasures?Walking along with a baby to look for the treasure.Of course, you have to prepare in advance.On shoot the place where the hidden treasure put the colored ribbon or plug a sprig.What child is a treasure?Of course, the toy.So dig a little solar powered toys are avail ku better than new.This will be a wonderful surprise!Take them by the hand, and together go to find the treasure.

As mo such

It means that % of participants of research showed the worst results.Editor's note.Part I.CAPABLE, BUT SCATTERED Katee's parents at the deadlock, and the girl risks to lag behind in school.As mo such capable child zht to be so scattered?As we already spoke, capable children often scattered, because they do not have enough some skills which would help them to plan and to direct the actions, and also to control behavior.Business not in that it is difficult to them to acquire and structure entering in formation from the sense organs namely it we usually a nazyva I eat with mental capacities.

For each

Therefore they want to conclude with it the bargain, if there is that for the sake of what it is ready to work.Logan reminds about a snoubor which he would like to receive prior to the beginning of winter.Together make a sogl sheniye Logan has to finish a semester with good and excellent marks.If rolny work he receives a satisfactory assessment for Comte, for rabatyvat points.For each excellent or good mark on the th ball fishing is more.If by new year it has points, parents will present to it snowboard.

Bream raincoats

Clearly, highlighting voice sound Shch, repeat the words.Then call words themselves, from memory.Cheek brushes clicking.Pinch shield puppy.Pike grabbing probe ly.Sliver rubble slit.Drag food seeking.Grove food thick.Promise to treat is to forgive.Looking for drag burst.Bream raincoats things.Vegetables ticks box.Ivy bream mite.Help vegetable coat.Consolidation pronunciation sound Shch in words.The formation of phonemic sense Display images from Annex .

Option Each

GAME SPREAD OUT one after another The children able to read and familiar with the geographical participate in game card.On small leaflets the adult writes names different geo in advance graphic objects the cities, the seas, the rivers, mountains and so on.On leaves it is more the generalizing name, for example than MOUNTAIN, RIVER and other.The playing can be divided into teams, and can play everyone for themselves.option Each player or team receives one or several big the card check.At the command of the leader players start displaying under everyone pain necks card the small under the word MOUNTAINS names of mountains and so on.


Perhaps, you are tormented by a question when you will be able to step aside, how other parents?When your child will learn to calm down itself, without your help?Whether there will come time, kog yes you will not need to stage each event of his life?Perhaps, it is necessary to wait very long if you count that everything will change by itself.Meanwhile the child will suffer from a zana the wife of a selfassessment, and you to feel disappointment and concern.In your forces to help it to develop missing skills and to become stoyatelny.

They improve

Use internal thirst of the child for improvement and to control, but do not fight against it.Any who has children is more senior than two years, knows that with to a wound go age kids do everything to control the life independently.They improve the abilities and try to receive wished at once.Behind improvement process parents observe with pleasure persistence with which the peanut studies to stand at a support or to walk upstairs, in only some years it is replaced by persistence on development of the twowheeled bicycle, and through PART II.

At cabbage

spoons, salt to taste.At cabbage to remove the spoiled leaves, to wash up in cold water, to shift on the sieve or colander and to allow to flow down to water.To lower cabbage in the added some salt boiled water g of salt on l of water to cook not less than minutes.To merge water, again to put cabbage to fill in with meat broth or hot water, to close a cover.To extinguish, so far the cabbage will not become soft.It is possible to add a little water or broth on the vykipaniye measure, but by the time of readiness of cabbage still has to have tablespoon liquids.

A chair

And it is possible and vice versa.You call a subject, and the child calls one or some its parts the house a roof, a door.rod the ship.guitar the bicycle.door the trolleybus.fence a table.a swing.a chair an ear.the book.a flower.the computer.a tree.hours.a mushroom.a pen.a bug.suitcase butterfly a coat.dog a plate.apple.a teapot.a head of cabbage If the child finds it difficult to give the answer, help it, give the at measures or lead.

Ask the same

Again hide a subject in a sack, predlo zhit to the child to find him independently tell those Find, where a button!Then put in a sack not one, but two three subjects.Ask the same question Where button?And in the face of the child get it from sack, then clean and offer the child to perform a task already habitual to it.If the kid gets not that subject, return it in a sack also suggest to try that still time.If the child again gets not that it is necessary, dip the hand into a sack together with are small shy also show it the hand that in a bag not one subject and button lies it is necessary to find.

Pour the contents

Give new toys baby let him look and thunders.Pour the contents of the bottle in a deep IIA Ki let your child run back their little hands and all IP it should.These simple toys develop coordination of view the tactile senses and awaken ljubazno the activities.From half to two years Doing bridge Put your baby on his back, and slowly start to bend his legs at the knees as long as he floor the activity will not be dragged their feet..Now, lightly holding under the back, help SAG so that he relied on foot and head.

Game draws

This movement gradually becomes imperceptible.It is necessary that the child learned distinctions in weight unaided color impressions, for this purpose we tie with a scarf to it eyes, and he with a great interest is engaged guessing.Game draws attention of other children who gather in a circle about the child with doshchech Kami and also is tried to be guessed.Sometimes children guess to tie with a scarf to themselves eyes, change turn, and their this work interrupts cheerful laughter.Education of stereognostic feeling Education of this feeling leads to recognition of subjects by palpation, i.

After washing

Meat and bird dishes for children prepare generally in boiled, stewed and occasionally in a fried look.Better to keep protein in meat, does not follow it to soak in water.Frozen meat is thawed at the room temperature.After washing it is better to dry meat a napkin.After that it is necessary to cut off films and sinews to remove excessive fat.Cook meat variously for soups and second dishes.For receiving tasty soup meat it is omitted in the boiling water also cook at weak boiling to readiness.Meat at suppression loses less nutrients.

It will allow

.Put under the child's stomach at bedtime the folded diaper or the small bottle with water warm not more hotly wrapped in a napkin.It will allow the kid not to wake up from a congestion of excessive gases.Put a palm on the child's stomach in umbilical area, and fingers knead tummy.Warmth of your palm will remove stress.Mentally present on the child's stomach the turned letter U.Under your palm there will be intestines the kid who it is necessary to weaken that the thick gut left gases.

If it is some

The word from pictures.Spread out a carat quantity on a table tinok.Call any not too long word.Offer the child to find the picture which begins with the first letter of the said word, and then to lay out in a row the pictures corresponding to other letters of the word.On the first time help the child to perform a task.Then let consults itself.If it is some children, it is possible to arrange competition for a while.Think up itself.Suggest the child to set to you a task Sorting, Nye di similarity, Find distinction, Find couple or The fourth superfluous and a progame to trolirovat, whether correctly you performed a task.

To part a flour

In a separate kastryulka to dismiss h.and to pour a spoon of butter h.flour spoon.To part a flour glasses of water, adding small portions, and to boil thoroughly minutes.Then to put the lentil wiped with vegetables, it is good to stir and warm up on weak fire of minutes.Lenten soups Lenten soups are cooked on vegetable broths or on water, filled butter or sour cream.Vegetable broth The peeled vegetables cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.to cut large pieces.


The need for fat increases at eczema, pneumonia, a disease top airways.Especially favorably on the current recovery processes the vegetable oils rich influence polynonsaturated fatty acids which take active part in exchange processes.Carbohydrates are the main sources of energy, requirement in which at a number of diseases increases.At all diseases the need for vitamins, especially increases in vitamins of group B, vitamin C which increase stability of an organism to to influence of many harmful factors, including to activators infectious diseases.

To cast

From above to spread with a thin layer of sour cream and to put in an oven for minutes.Rice casserole with apples To wash out tablespoons of rice, to weld in l of the boiling added some salt water to readiness.To cast away rice on a sieve and to allow water to flow down.To lay rice and cut slices apples in a form.To grease the top layer from rice kindled butter and to put in an oven for minutes.Kulesh tablespoons of millet to wash out, scald boiled water, to weld in glasses the added some salt water within minutes.

Show it two details

Then try to pick up to details from everyone couples some more details and to make circles of identical details.The same can be made, comparing figures of one color that is otl chy between figures it will be not so clear.Acquaint the child with the concepts big and small.Show it two details of one color very different from each other by the size on example, one third part of a circle both one seventh or one fourth and one the tenth.Show, what detail big, and what small.

Is Theodosia, brushing

Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING in riddles Guess riddles.Then slowly, highlighting the sound CAMPING, repeat each of them.For guess relatives and friends favourite puzzles.Hanging a sieve, not hands twisted.Web.Who bathed in water, and the dry left?Goose.Growing green Bush, touch bite.Nettle.Five steps of the ladder, on the stairs the song.Notes.Is Theodosia, brushing the hair.Birch.Who shines brightly, Yes stronger all?Fire.This close close the house, a hundred sisters huddle in it, any of the sisters can flare up like a bonfire.


Earth starts going round Sun and to be turned round itself watch that at you did not begin to spin head.And mapysh Moon runs round mother emli.In hands Moon can have a mirror.In ideal Moon option tries to be facing Earth all the time.LIVE PLANETS This game is possible only in group of children.One adult and nineten children play.The adult represents the sun, and children planets solnech ache systems.One of children can represent the moon.It is desirable to hold game in the fresh air on on to lyanka or at a playground.

Says an adult

Xia Xue Xie Xia XI Xie Xie Xue si Xu si CE Xu Xia CE CE si CE CE si Xia CE CE si Fixation of the sound CAMPING in the same reply syllables.The development of a sense of rhyme Carefully listen to the beginning of each rhyme spoken adults.Add suitable rhyme need the same number of syllables.Says an adult child Says We in pharmacy buy ointment, eh eh eh, eh eh eh.The wheels broke axis, axis axis axis, axis axis axis.I for dinner will not return, been been been, been been been.Flies Sokol up, is is is, is is is.

Parents consider

PART III.We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER If as in a case with mathematics, it will test postoyan ny difficulties, the schedule, on which will try to make will regularly repeat material together with the teacher.Cortney will meet the psychologist and will ask it, whether is some ways to cope with a stress and excitement.Parents consider that it is very good plan.They were impressed depth on thoughts of the daughter and her ability to solve problems.By preparation to I follow Courtenay's, control on mathematics, Russian cabbage soup followed the plan.


Put on your palms a small motor boat, when you hear it buzzing, and on the other sounds not react.Remember that a child is invited to listen to the sounds, not the names of the letters Sha, uh, he & other.Consonants are pronounced briefly, as they are heard in combinations after the vowel a al, am, AI, AU, or between two vowels ava, Aza, hell yeah.Exercise should be done as long as the child will not confident response VAT on every utterance adult audio L in a long single line.L M N E A L P L U O V O L HB MB CAMPING Z RESPECT L E SUWDGANDE L THE SECOND STAGE ARTICULATION EXERCISES Working out audio L articulatory movements Sit down in front of the mirror, carefully, accurately, slowly put each upraise the interview.

You will

None but the brave deserve the fair.Do not cut a bough on which you sit.Better a tomtit in your hand than a crane in the sky.Who told lies yesterday to that and tomorrow will not believe.While it's fine weather mend your sails.You will try to do two things at once any you will not catch.Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.One man is no man.Without effort you will not take out also small fishes from a pond.It takes an old hand to do a good job.Health is more expensive than gold.

ATTENTION! Premature

The famous Elenite or undress the child , let him who the possibility to freely move and pranatipata temperature air tub .Maybe temperature were the result of overheating .Measure the temperature in a few minutes.ATTENTION!Premature child cannot be left Shin Kim because he has a very high thermal efficiency and he can SuperCool.If the child is older than three months and well resistant to temperature , i.e.the skin it's pink, warm and damp on the touch, the temperature up to .


We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION Tab..Progress assessment Organiz's date tsionny skill Exact opisa scientific research institute of behavior as it you looks zvu chit?Frequency as it is frequent such is observed behavior?as to once a day, not I divide etc.?Dlitel nost as long it lasts?Inten sivnost on a scale from to Date to a sla the blowing to nablyuda niya Behavior from it menitsya?As frequent it is to a sl it is hoped now?

In the dark

Megleno head spun and all squeaked, squeaked, squeaked.Nina thought things box, brush, raincoat of ticks.Already a pike soup, were treated to two ruffs.In the dark sky, the stars Shine in the dark sea waves whip.Consolidation pronunciation sound Shch in verses Say every rhythm to times, highlighting the sound S Repeat them at a fast pace, keeping the correctness and clarity of pronunciation.Favourite rhyme sauce.The whole day sings goldfinch redcheeked goldfinches In the cage in the window, And funny, and sweet, The third year he went to Twitter to goldfinches are not lazy, And he is afraid of cats.

Body rolling

In a suitcase at the Redpolls black rosary.Lubecki skirt, of Olga rings.He tripped bug on a knot, and broke bug heels.Body rolling barrels frequent on the road bumps!We pechurichko gold carocci.He dipped a Heron with a Cup of excellent tea chamomile.The four turtles in baby carriages on the four Cherepashka in vests.On Thursday, the fourth of the number keys sheep brought.Cricket the rich man, the great trickster!Too often beat our granddaughter saucers.


To shake up eggs with h.spoons sugar to put in the flour welded in milk and to mix.To put on the weak and to cook fire before solidification.It is better to do hash browns on couple.Souffle from eggs Egg pieces, butter h.spoons, icing sugar tablespoon.To pound yolks with icing sugar.Separately to beat whites in strong foam.Carefully to mix yolks with proteins.To lay in the high frying pan greased oil and sugared.To make an incision a souffle crosswise on ?

Rub this

For two?For three?Who from characters can get on a visit to such for one course?For two?For three?Who lives on the right, at the left, from above or from below from is called foot of the character?Who lives between this and this character?The second option of a lodge with six apartments zha, on two apartments on everyone.rub this is The most difficult option a lodge with nine apartment mi, three floors, on three apartments on everyone.Anat tasks gichny.


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