Says an adult

Says an adult Xia Xue Xie Xia XI Xie Xie Xue si Xu si CE Xu Xia CE CE si CE CE si Xia CE CE si Fixation of the sound CAMPING in the same reply syllables.

The development of a sense of rhyme Carefully listen to the beginning of each rhyme spoken adults.

Add suitable rhyme need the same number of syllables.

Says an adult child Says We in pharmacy buy ointment, eh eh eh, eh eh eh.

The wheels broke axis, axis axis axis, axis axis axis.

I for dinner will not return, been been been, been been been.

Flies Sokol up, is is is, is is is.

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Parents consider

Parents consider PART III.

We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER If as in a case with mathematics, it will test postoyan ny difficulties, the schedule, on which will try to make will regularly repeat material together with the teacher.

Cortney will meet the psychologist and will ask it, whether is some ways to cope with a stress and excitement.

Parents consider that it is very good plan.

They were impressed depth on thoughts of the daughter and her ability to solve problems.

By preparation to I follow Courtenay's, control on mathematics, Russian cabbage soup followed the plan.

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Remember Put on your palms a small motor boat, when you hear it buzzing, and on the other sounds not react.

Remember that a child is invited to listen to the sounds, not the names of the letters Sha, uh, he & other.

Consonants are pronounced briefly, as they are heard in combinations after the vowel a al, am, AI, AU, or between two vowels ava, Aza, hell yeah.

Exercise should be done as long as the child will not confident response VAT on every utterance adult audio L in a long single line.

L M N E A L P L U O V O L HB MB CAMPING Z RESPECT L E SUWDGANDE L THE SECOND STAGE ARTICULATION EXERCISES Working out audio L articulatory movements Sit down in front of the mirror, carefully, accurately, slowly put each upraise the interview.

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You will

You will None but the brave deserve the fair.

Do not cut a bough on which you sit.

Better a tomtit in your hand than a crane in the sky.

Who told lies yesterday to that and tomorrow will not believe.

While it's fine weather mend your sails.

You will try to do two things at once any you will not catch.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

One man is no man.

Without effort you will not take out also small fishes from a pond.

It takes an old hand to do a good job.

Health is more expensive than gold.

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ATTENTION! Premature

ATTENTION! Premature The famous Elenite or undress the child , let him who the possibility to freely move and pranatipata temperature air tub .

Maybe temperature were the result of overheating .

Measure the temperature in a few minutes.


Premature child cannot be left Shin Kim because he has a very high thermal efficiency and he can SuperCool.

If the child is older than three months and well resistant to temperature , i.


the skin it's pink, warm and damp on the touch, the temperature up to .

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Progress assessment Organiz's date tsionny skill Exact opisa scientific research institute of behavior as it you looks zvu chit?

Frequency as it is frequent such is observed behavior?

as to once a day, not I divide etc.


Dlitel nost as long it lasts?

Inten sivnost on a scale from to Date to a sla the blowing to nablyuda niya Behavior from it menitsya?

As frequent it is to a sl it is hoped now?

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