To part a flour

To part a flour In a separate kastryulka to dismiss h.

and to pour a spoon of butter h.

flour spoon.

To part a flour glasses of water, adding small portions, and to boil thoroughly minutes.

Then to put the lentil wiped with vegetables, it is good to stir and warm up on weak fire of minutes.

Lenten soups Lenten soups are cooked on vegetable broths or on water, filled butter or sour cream.

Vegetable broth The peeled vegetables cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.

to cut large pieces.

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Carbohydrates The need for fat increases at eczema, pneumonia, a disease top airways.

Especially favorably on the current recovery processes the vegetable oils rich influence polynonsaturated fatty acids which take active part in exchange processes.

Carbohydrates are the main sources of energy, requirement in which at a number of diseases increases.

At all diseases the need for vitamins, especially increases in vitamins of group B, vitamin C which increase stability of an organism to to influence of many harmful factors, including to activators infectious diseases.

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To cast

To cast From above to spread with a thin layer of sour cream and to put in an oven for minutes.

Rice casserole with apples To wash out tablespoons of rice, to weld in l of the boiling added some salt water to readiness.

To cast away rice on a sieve and to allow water to flow down.

To lay rice and cut slices apples in a form.

To grease the top layer from rice kindled butter and to put in an oven for minutes.

Kulesh tablespoons of millet to wash out, scald boiled water, to weld in glasses the added some salt water within minutes.

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Show it two details

Show it two details Then try to pick up to details from everyone couples some more details and to make circles of identical details.

The same can be made, comparing figures of one color that is otl chy between figures it will be not so clear.

Acquaint the child with the concepts big and small.

Show it two details of one color very different from each other by the size on example, one third part of a circle both one seventh or one fourth and one the tenth.

Show, what detail big, and what small.

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Is Theodosia, brushing

Is Theodosia, brushing Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING in riddles Guess riddles.

Then slowly, highlighting the sound CAMPING, repeat each of them.

For guess relatives and friends favourite puzzles.

Hanging a sieve, not hands twisted.


Who bathed in water, and the dry left?


Growing green Bush, touch bite.


Five steps of the ladder, on the stairs the song.


Is Theodosia, brushing the hair.


Who shines brightly, Yes stronger all?


This close close the house, a hundred sisters huddle in it, any of the sisters can flare up like a bonfire.

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LIVE PLANETS Earth starts going round Sun and to be turned round itself watch that at you did not begin to spin head.

And mapysh Moon runs round mother emli.

In hands Moon can have a mirror.

In ideal Moon option tries to be facing Earth all the time.

LIVE PLANETS This game is possible only in group of children.

One adult and nineten children play.

The adult represents the sun, and children planets solnech ache systems.

One of children can represent the moon.

It is desirable to hold game in the fresh air on on to lyanka or at a playground.

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