Ask the same

Ask the same Again hide a subject in a sack, predlo zhit to the child to find him independently tell those Find, where a button!

Then put in a sack not one, but two three subjects.

Ask the same question Where button?

And in the face of the child get it from sack, then clean and offer the child to perform a task already habitual to it.

If the kid gets not that subject, return it in a sack also suggest to try that still time.

If the child again gets not that it is necessary, dip the hand into a sack together with are small shy also show it the hand that in a bag not one subject and button lies it is necessary to find.

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Pour the contents

Pour the contents Give new toys baby let him look and thunders.

Pour the contents of the bottle in a deep IIA Ki let your child run back their little hands and all IP it should.

These simple toys develop coordination of view the tactile senses and awaken ljubazno the activities.

From half to two years Doing bridge Put your baby on his back, and slowly start to bend his legs at the knees as long as he floor the activity will not be dragged their feet.


Now, lightly holding under the back, help SAG so that he relied on foot and head.

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Game draws

Game draws This movement gradually becomes imperceptible.

It is necessary that the child learned distinctions in weight unaided color impressions, for this purpose we tie with a scarf to it eyes, and he with a great interest is engaged guessing.

Game draws attention of other children who gather in a circle about the child with doshchech Kami and also is tried to be guessed.

Sometimes children guess to tie with a scarf to themselves eyes, change turn, and their this work interrupts cheerful laughter.

Education of stereognostic feeling Education of this feeling leads to recognition of subjects by palpation, i.

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After washing

After washing Meat and bird dishes for children prepare generally in boiled, stewed and occasionally in a fried look.

Better to keep protein in meat, does not follow it to soak in water.

Frozen meat is thawed at the room temperature.

After washing it is better to dry meat a napkin.

After that it is necessary to cut off films and sinews to remove excessive fat.

Cook meat variously for soups and second dishes.

For receiving tasty soup meat it is omitted in the boiling water also cook at weak boiling to readiness.

Meat at suppression loses less nutrients.

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It will allow

It will allow .

Put under the child's stomach at bedtime the folded diaper or the small bottle with water warm not more hotly wrapped in a napkin.

It will allow the kid not to wake up from a congestion of excessive gases.

Put a palm on the child's stomach in umbilical area, and fingers knead tummy.

Warmth of your palm will remove stress.

Mentally present on the child's stomach the turned letter U.

Under your palm there will be intestines the kid who it is necessary to weaken that the thick gut left gases.

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If it is some

If it is some The word from pictures.

Spread out a carat quantity on a table tinok.

Call any not too long word.

Offer the child to find the picture which begins with the first letter of the said word, and then to lay out in a row the pictures corresponding to other letters of the word.

On the first time help the child to perform a task.

Then let consults itself.

If it is some children, it is possible to arrange competition for a while.

Think up itself.

Suggest the child to set to you a task Sorting, Nye di similarity, Find distinction, Find couple or The fourth superfluous and a progame to trolirovat, whether correctly you performed a task.

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