Adult only

Adult only The author of the method mutual story R.

Gardner chital, the TRP tale history, story of a child is a projection and is a reflection of his life situations.

In other words, the child himself will tell you, the TRP was bothering him and heme he mechtaet.

Adult only attention sory to listen child, try to understand and Pomogi him to find a way to the optimum solution.

only nettle Yes thorns.

In this cave was inhabited by a family of exhaust gas not breathing dragons.

Dragon father, Dragonica mother, senior Story of Sergey forests alternate with meadows and Golden there was a huge fields the enormous cave.

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· Where the boy could

· Where the boy could · Where the boy could take the flowers?

· Where did he get these flowers?

· Why the girl is not pleased presented with flowers?

· What are the words a girl could explain to the boy, what he done wrong?

· What will make the girl after a conversation with the boy?

LITTLE HELPERS · What time of year is drawn in the picture?

Why do you so think?

· The boy hangs on a tree?

· When and why people hang birdhouses?

· Why the boy took a ladder?

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In each

In each The rectangle which I use, is a surface of one of children's little tables, and game is in that they set the table.

In each of Children's homes I have tiny lunch accessories, what it is possible to get in any toy shop plates, dishes, soup cups, saltcellars, glasses, bottles, small knives, forks and spoons, etc.

I allow children to lay a table on six persons on two devices on each of the long parties and on one device on the short parties of a table.

Children take the corresponding subjects and display them according to my instructions.

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Strengthening Strengthening of steady attention Twice in an evening parents can remind it of tasks Time in a week of the teacher will send the report on progress What encouragement will be applied as incentive to use skill working off?

Positive responses of teachers Reduction of number of the conflicts to parents Progress increase Key to success Do not make any essential changes to the plan, the child not bu so far is put to achieve regularly success during one, and it is better two reporting periods – months.

Quite often the plan yields fast results, and give rise whether with teachers think that the problem is already solved.

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If you have

If you have If you have a piano or a synthesizer, sit down to the tool, the kid at you on hands more precisely, on one hand or in an armchair near you.

Press separate notes in the first octave.

Sing them or actually the name of a note Before, Salt and so on.

Pressing keys in other octaves, do not call to the kid a note not to confuse him.

Can tell highpitched sound, a bottom or to play a cue onomatopoeias so the bear goes several times through a pause press low sounding note, representing steps, and so the bear cub jumps often press keys in the middle of the keyboard, and over them the birdie on a branch sings as if drawlingly take sounds of the WTO swarm the third octave.

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One more way to help

One more way to help And if it starts losing a spirit or there will be problems, both to spechta to it more powerful support.

One more way to help the child to find confidence and to celebrate sya with a problem situation to suggest it to lose or proturnip to tirovat.

Perhaps, the son wants to call the girlfriend and to invite her on appointment, but does not know how to make it.

Give it the text and progames howl a situation until he does not feel that can pozvo thread.

Perhaps, it is necessary to analyse some possible options of succession of events for example how to arrive if the girlfriend Chapter .

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