The nature

The nature Clouds of thick, often drops, rain Pushcha, the clouds on.

In the river, splashing Murata, it is suckiny guys.


FORMATION OF BASE AUDIO L Basic audio L distorted children most often, is complex and pronunciation is formed, as a rule, lengthy.

The nature and amount of exercise in section THE FIRST STAGE SOUND WARMUP Perception of sound L at the beginning of words Look at the picture and listen carefully as an adult several times pronounces her name.

If the image is named correctly, raise up your hand up, say it, If the image is named correctly, negatively rock to a head and say no This is a vamp?

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Crude fish. Alcoholic

Crude fish. Alcoholic Herbal teas.

They often contain doubtful substances and render undesirable or even dangerous effects.

Vitamin supplements except what are appointed doctors.

Crude fish.

Alcoholic beverages.

The tap water containing various impurity.

The fruit and vegetables containing dangerous substances.

Many producers apply various additives and preservatives, that them production better looked, had more pleasant taste and was more long stored.

In many cases harm which is done to health of mother and child by the chemical impurity, or does not give in to an exact assessment, or it is considered insignificant.

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THE SECOND Give them names with sound RELATIONSHIP Kuzma, Zina.

Display all images from Annex .

Each of them write about de parts of the proposals, which will be a lot of sounds RELATIONSHIP.

For example Zina and Kuzma took the mirror and wrapped it in newspaper, to not razbity.

THE SECOND STAGE THE CONSOLIDATION OF A SOUND RELATIONSHIP IN SENTENCES Consolidation pronunciation sound RELATIONSHIP in funny chistogovorki, free Sizzling sounds Clearly, highlighting sound RELATIONSHIP, say every couple of chistogovorki.

Pay attention tion that one of them humorous.

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From year

From year I like to hug you!

And now, take in hands the baby, swing and ska keep it the same tender and kind words.

Give the child a toy and ask them to caress her.

If the baby does not, however, tell yourself Oh, what a Ho nice Teddy bear!

As the baby likes her Teddy bear!

The game helps the child to grow up in kind, tender and caring.

From year to eighteen months Show the goat!

For a small child intonation has sometimes pain the neck important than the words themselves.

When you read STI shock, he understands at first my mother was a cheerful voice, then became frightened and so on.

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About prick

About prick Decorate one mitten, suggest the child to remember a pattern and remove fi gura.

Suggest the child to make the same pattern on memory.

Complicate the back scientific research institute suggest the child to make the pattern symmetric to the this on memory.

Suggest the child to connect mittens together that they were not lost.

About prick a puncher in the bottom of each mitten an opening and ask the kid about to put in it a lace and to knot.

Suggest the child to draw with paints or felttip pens beautiful couple mittens.

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According LEARN to compare What is the mind itself?

The ability to notice similarities and differences, compliance and nesiote effects that have a different before meta.

Helvetii From the book CM.

Bondarenko Teach children to compare The comparison is the basis of all great inventions.

According to Greek legend, saw invented trained by the famous master of Daedalus his nephew Tal.

A sample he took the spine of the bony fish and che lusty snakes, lined with sharp teeth.

It is known that parasutisti plants of the type of dandelion gave an idea about the creation of a parachute.

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