Therefore Biology growth + cutting off = skills At the birth the brain of the child weighs about grams.

By the end teenage age this figure reaches already nearly grams.

The increase is explained by several changes.

First, in a brain quickly the quantity of nervous cages increases.

They have to soob to shchatsya when the child thinks, feels or works.

Therefore unless the communications axons and dendrites allowing to transfer and receive are howled information from other nervous cages.

Incredibly stremit their growth flax in infancy and the first few years of life.

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She often

She often Yosha it is pleasant to share knowledge with others, it halflearning et pleasure from the role of the expert and praises of adults.

But it not mind et to stop.

She often corrects others or disagrees from them words, trying to dominate in conversation.

Houses it becomes bases ache the reason of the conflicts between it and her two younger sisters.

Those per her parents began to notice that Yosha's desire to know everything frequent at drives to problems.

The most close friends were already tired of its omniscience, it the behavior often leads to the conflicts in a class.

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Children Organizational skills all bo To Lea are important for success in our difficult world.

Therefore, if your child it is similar to Katee about whom we wrote at the beginning of the head, or simply shows sya scattered, it is worth being engaged in effective development of its organization these skills.

Children can be disseminated through a miscellaneous.

Who has Xing dry deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity SDVG, as well as at whom is difficulties with the organization, working memory and management of time, look so as if they got lost in time or in space, lose things and as a result work inefficiently.

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So, for example, decomposing

So, for example, decomposing Representation cannot affect directly motive nerves, especially, if it having appeared the leniye is not full and is not capable to cause the feeling exciting will.

So, for example, decomposing the letter to sticks and to curves, we show to the child a badge, not having sense; therefore the badge does not interest him, and the pokazyvaniye cannot cause it spontaneous motive impulse.

This artificial act caused effort of will, which quickly exhausted the child, as affected in his exhaustion and boredom.

This effort became complicated still by effort to cause the association coordinating the movements necessary for a continence tools of the letter and management of it.

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I cabbage Ambassador, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu. Book

I cabbage Ambassador, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu. Book I cabbage Ambassador, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu.

Book hidden in the table, Le Le Le Le Le Le.

We went to the lake, Lee Lee Lee, Lee Lee Lee.

My daughter a doll buy, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu.

The cross I found in the ashes, Le Le Le Le Le Le.

Wood for the stove will Napili, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu.

All daisies bloom, Lee Lee Lee, Lee Lee Lee.

They clung to the leaf aphid, La La La, La La La.

Consolidation pronunciation audio L in various direct syllables Look, what songs sings lion Cub, and after adult clearly, not Toro pas propay them.

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On g of fish

On g of fish Form cutlets, meatballs of cutlet weight, meatballs, zrazas and rolls.

On g of fish fillet take g of white bread, g of water or milk, g salts.

Meatballs from fish Fish g, onions ?

piece, vegetable oil tablespoon, sauce tablespoons, egg pieces, salt to taste.

To cut cutlet weight on thin flat cakes of an oval or large form, to moisten in the shakenup egg.

To put the created cutlets on a frying pan, oiled to pour tablespoons of water, to put in an oven and to bake.

When giving to water with tomato sauce.

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