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Bream raincoats

Bream raincoats Clearly, highlighting voice sound Shch, repeat the words.

Then call words themselves, from memory.

Cheek brushes clicking.

Pinch shield puppy.

Pike grabbing probe ly.

Sliver rubble slit.

Drag food seeking.

Grove food thick.

Promise to treat is to forgive.

Looking for drag burst.

Bream raincoats things.

Vegetables ticks box.

Ivy bream mite.

Help vegetable coat.

Consolidation pronunciation sound Shch in words.

The formation of phonemic sense Display images from Annex .

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Option Each

Option Each GAME SPREAD OUT one after another The children able to read and familiar with the geographical participate in game card.

On small leaflets the adult writes names different geo in advance graphic objects the cities, the seas, the rivers, mountains and so on.

On leaves it is more the generalizing name, for example than MOUNTAIN, RIVER and other.

The playing can be divided into teams, and can play everyone for themselves.

option Each player or team receives one or several big the card check.

At the command of the leader players start displaying under everyone pain necks card the small under the word MOUNTAINS names of mountains and so on.

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Meanwhile Perhaps, you are tormented by a question when you will be able to step aside, how other parents?

When your child will learn to calm down itself, without your help?

Whether there will come time, kog yes you will not need to stage each event of his life?

Perhaps, it is necessary to wait very long if you count that everything will change by itself.

Meanwhile the child will suffer from a zana the wife of a selfassessment, and you to feel disappointment and concern.

In your forces to help it to develop missing skills and to become stoyatelny.

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They improve

They improve Use internal thirst of the child for improvement and to control, but do not fight against it.

Any who has children is more senior than two years, knows that with to a wound go age kids do everything to control the life independently.

They improve the abilities and try to receive wished at once.

Behind improvement process parents observe with pleasure persistence with which the peanut studies to stand at a support or to walk upstairs, in only some years it is replaced by persistence on development of the twowheeled bicycle, and through PART II.

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At cabbage

At cabbage spoons, salt to taste.

At cabbage to remove the spoiled leaves, to wash up in cold water, to shift on the sieve or colander and to allow to flow down to water.

To lower cabbage in the added some salt boiled water g of salt on l of water to cook not less than minutes.

To merge water, again to put cabbage to fill in with meat broth or hot water, to close a cover.

To extinguish, so far the cabbage will not become soft.

It is possible to add a little water or broth on the vykipaniye measure, but by the time of readiness of cabbage still has to have tablespoon liquids.

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