If you want

If you want If you sew details a zigzag, at a smetyvaniye insert both tips of a tape inside, and prostrachivy igrush ku, stitch in this place even more densely, that an eyelet not came off.

If you sew from a wrong side and to turn out, not for be that an eyelet it is necessary to insert inside, and its tips a dale zhna to stick out in the same place, where allowances for seams.

If you want to use a flypaper or buttons, put those twice also sew a wide color tape at the edges, and on top sew the second element of a fastener.

Such Christmas tree decorations can be filled simply cotton wool, and the International Federation of Journalists but to make them more various to the touch.

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The kid will

The kid will Beat on wall or paste to a bed back outside not pain shy purchased hooks for economic trifles or odezh dy.

Show to the child how to hang up on them a ringlet.

Let will try itself.

The hook has to be not one better five seven as the kid will not be limited to one ringlet, and on one hook many ringlets will not be located.

The kid will manage to put on not at once ringlets a string, and here to remove from it let will try.

String on a rope some plastic ringlets of small diameter.

Nach To Nita to remove them, and then offer the kid poprobo to vat.

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Where hidden

Where hidden Game develops cognitive skills, small mo Torik, memory, speech and thinking.

Where hidden treasures?

Walking along with a baby to look for the treasure.

Of course, you have to prepare in advance.

On shoot the place where the hidden treasure put the colored ribbon or plug a sprig.

What child is a treasure?

Of course, the toy.

So dig a little solar powered toys are avail ku better than new.

This will be a wonderful surprise!

Take them by the hand, and together go to find the treasure.

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As mo such

As mo such It means that % of participants of research showed the worst results.

Editor's note.

Part I.

CAPABLE, BUT SCATTERED Katee's parents at the deadlock, and the girl risks to lag behind in school.

As mo such capable child zht to be so scattered?

As we already spoke, capable children often scattered, because they do not have enough some skills which would help them to plan and to direct the actions, and also to control behavior.

Business not in that it is difficult to them to acquire and structure entering in formation from the sense organs namely it we usually a nazyva I eat with mental capacities.

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For each

For each Therefore they want to conclude with it the bargain, if there is that for the sake of what it is ready to work.

Logan reminds about a snoubor which he would like to receive prior to the beginning of winter.

Together make a sogl sheniye Logan has to finish a semester with good and excellent marks.

If rolny work he receives a satisfactory assessment for Comte, for rabatyvat points.

For each excellent or good mark on the th ball fishing is more.

If by new year it has points, parents will present to it snowboard.

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