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From year

From year I like to hug you!

And now, take in hands the baby, swing and ska keep it the same tender and kind words.

Give the child a toy and ask them to caress her.

If the baby does not, however, tell yourself Oh, what a Ho nice Teddy bear!

As the baby likes her Teddy bear!

The game helps the child to grow up in kind, tender and caring.

From year to eighteen months Show the goat!

For a small child intonation has sometimes pain the neck important than the words themselves.

When you read STI shock, he understands at first my mother was a cheerful voice, then became frightened and so on.

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About prick

About prick Decorate one mitten, suggest the child to remember a pattern and remove fi gura.

Suggest the child to make the same pattern on memory.

Complicate the back scientific research institute suggest the child to make the pattern symmetric to the this on memory.

Suggest the child to connect mittens together that they were not lost.

About prick a puncher in the bottom of each mitten an opening and ask the kid about to put in it a lace and to knot.

Suggest the child to draw with paints or felttip pens beautiful couple mittens.

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According LEARN to compare What is the mind itself?

The ability to notice similarities and differences, compliance and nesiote effects that have a different before meta.

Helvetii From the book CM.

Bondarenko Teach children to compare The comparison is the basis of all great inventions.

According to Greek legend, saw invented trained by the famous master of Daedalus his nephew Tal.

A sample he took the spine of the bony fish and che lusty snakes, lined with sharp teeth.

It is known that parasutisti plants of the type of dandelion gave an idea about the creation of a parachute.

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Adult only

Adult only The author of the method mutual story R.

Gardner chital, the TRP tale history, story of a child is a projection and is a reflection of his life situations.

In other words, the child himself will tell you, the TRP was bothering him and heme he mechtaet.

Adult only attention sory to listen child, try to understand and Pomogi him to find a way to the optimum solution.

only nettle Yes thorns.

In this cave was inhabited by a family of exhaust gas not breathing dragons.

Dragon father, Dragonica mother, senior Story of Sergey forests alternate with meadows and Golden there was a huge fields the enormous cave.

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· Where the boy could

· Where the boy could · Where the boy could take the flowers?

· Where did he get these flowers?

· Why the girl is not pleased presented with flowers?

· What are the words a girl could explain to the boy, what he done wrong?

· What will make the girl after a conversation with the boy?

LITTLE HELPERS · What time of year is drawn in the picture?

Why do you so think?

· The boy hangs on a tree?

· When and why people hang birdhouses?

· Why the boy took a ladder?

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