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I cabbage Ambassador, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu. Book

I cabbage Ambassador, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu. Book I cabbage Ambassador, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu.

Book hidden in the table, Le Le Le Le Le Le.

We went to the lake, Lee Lee Lee, Lee Lee Lee.

My daughter a doll buy, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu.

The cross I found in the ashes, Le Le Le Le Le Le.

Wood for the stove will Napili, Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu Liu.

All daisies bloom, Lee Lee Lee, Lee Lee Lee.

They clung to the leaf aphid, La La La, La La La.

Consolidation pronunciation audio L in various direct syllables Look, what songs sings lion Cub, and after adult clearly, not Toro pas propay them.

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On g of fish

On g of fish Form cutlets, meatballs of cutlet weight, meatballs, zrazas and rolls.

On g of fish fillet take g of white bread, g of water or milk, g salts.

Meatballs from fish Fish g, onions ?

piece, vegetable oil tablespoon, sauce tablespoons, egg pieces, salt to taste.

To cut cutlet weight on thin flat cakes of an oval or large form, to moisten in the shakenup egg.

To put the created cutlets on a frying pan, oiled to pour tablespoons of water, to put in an oven and to bake.

When giving to water with tomato sauce.

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The nature

The nature Clouds of thick, often drops, rain Pushcha, the clouds on.

In the river, splashing Murata, it is suckiny guys.


FORMATION OF BASE AUDIO L Basic audio L distorted children most often, is complex and pronunciation is formed, as a rule, lengthy.

The nature and amount of exercise in section THE FIRST STAGE SOUND WARMUP Perception of sound L at the beginning of words Look at the picture and listen carefully as an adult several times pronounces her name.

If the image is named correctly, raise up your hand up, say it, If the image is named correctly, negatively rock to a head and say no This is a vamp?

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Crude fish. Alcoholic

Crude fish. Alcoholic Herbal teas.

They often contain doubtful substances and render undesirable or even dangerous effects.

Vitamin supplements except what are appointed doctors.

Crude fish.

Alcoholic beverages.

The tap water containing various impurity.

The fruit and vegetables containing dangerous substances.

Many producers apply various additives and preservatives, that them production better looked, had more pleasant taste and was more long stored.

In many cases harm which is done to health of mother and child by the chemical impurity, or does not give in to an exact assessment, or it is considered insignificant.

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THE SECOND Give them names with sound RELATIONSHIP Kuzma, Zina.

Display all images from Annex .

Each of them write about de parts of the proposals, which will be a lot of sounds RELATIONSHIP.

For example Zina and Kuzma took the mirror and wrapped it in newspaper, to not razbity.

THE SECOND STAGE THE CONSOLIDATION OF A SOUND RELATIONSHIP IN SENTENCES Consolidation pronunciation sound RELATIONSHIP in funny chistogovorki, free Sizzling sounds Clearly, highlighting sound RELATIONSHIP, say every couple of chistogovorki.

Pay attention tion that one of them humorous.

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