Choose those

Choose those AT THE DACHA What are other people in the picture?

Where are they?

Why do you think so?

What does each character?

What is watering grandfather?

Why do people watered trees and flowers?

Why girl watering dressed doll?

Maybe she wants a doll rose?

That girl can talk doll?

FAVORITE PHOTO To get the photo album.

Choose those that you see yourself.

Races say who you photographed?

When was it?


What you had mood?


ALL ITEMS A close look at the picture and give details of her story, and also about all the details that are additionally allocated under the picture.

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If the game

If the game It is important to achieve the combination of entertainment, emotional, and games with uvlekatelnoe lessons with his developmental effect.

If the game does not require assistance or training an adult, then who the possibility of the child is much wider than the classes that you have to provide.

There is nothing wrong with that child play the game, that it is easy and pleasant, but for development ment need games that require mental and volitional efforts they provide the joy of discovery and overcome.

H e l o s t and t o h h o n a b l e d I t e and g R o th R e b e n K a and x h a l and p a R t e d on .

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To tell, what

To tell, what DANGEROUS TREK Where is the film?

What a house is visible behind the boy?

How many of the animals can get in the tent?

Why did the boy so frightened?

Why he's holding a snake behind?

What a boy messed up a serpent?

How the boy was in the woods?

MORENCI HOUSE Imagine that you travelled and once was this beautiful little to Micke.

To tell, what did you see around.

To explain in detail where each house is object left, right, behind the house, in front of the house, close to home, far from home.

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If you nach

If you nach More simply deputy to tit problems with attention at the child, than at itself.

For this reason it is so important to define your strong and weaknesses.

If you nach not that work on projects and tasks, knowing that at you with the child is identical problems, will find ways to cope with it together and with humour.

When you analyse own organizational skills, you, perhaps, will find out that from a certain point of view it is possible to find useful coincidence between you and the child.

At you can be the strength supplementing weakness of the child.

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Year and months

Year and months year and months goals years years years years years years years and on every the following years to years I revaccination against the WPPT criteria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio I revaccination against polio Revaccination against measles, red hee, mumps I revaccination against diphtheria, tetanus I revaccination against polio Revaccination against tuberculosis I revaccination against diphtheria Vaccination three times against viral hepatitis In previously not grafted Revaccination progni tuberculosis Revaccination against diphtheria, tetanus DTP, OPV oral polio HAC the CIN or IPV OF Combined the MMR vaccine or mono vaccines against measles, mumps, rubella The BPA adsorbed diphtheria post nachna vaccine OPV BCG HELL M adsorbed diphtheria, VCCI on the weakened HBV BCG THE BPA M AD M Please note!

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