To tell, what

To tell, what DANGEROUS TREK Where is the film?

What a house is visible behind the boy?

How many of the animals can get in the tent?

Why did the boy so frightened?

Why he's holding a snake behind?

What a boy messed up a serpent?

How the boy was in the woods?

MORENCI HOUSE Imagine that you travelled and once was this beautiful little to Micke.

To tell, what did you see around.

To explain in detail where each house is object left, right, behind the house, in front of the house, close to home, far from home.


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  • Says an adult
  • If the game
  • · Where the boy could
  • As mo such
  • So, for example, decomposing
  • At cabbage
  • Therefore
  • Game draws
  • She often
  • Choose those